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Kreetive offers a wide range of large format printing solutions which are varsatile , durable high quality and affordable. Whatever your needs are, Kreetive has the ideal solution for you. From Rollup banners posters & Snapper frames, Street banners, wall banners, vehicle stickers and many more.

  • Are you unveiling a new product ?
  • Is your company planning a project promotion campaign?
  • Are you organizing a major conference?
  • Are you launching a new initiative?
  • Do you want your message to stand out and get easily noticed & remembered easily in an important trade fair or point of sale?

We also provide Promotional materials eg. Branded T-shirts & caps , pens. magazines , books , Fliers , brochures , plastic cards etc.

Flying and tear drop banners

Roll up Banners

Normal base and power rotating roll up banners
Normal base is Ideal for indoor Display.
Easy to use, pack and carry
Very Durable
We print on flex, satin banner and Satin materials.
preferred size: 2mh x 0.85mw
other sizes: 1.5mh x 0.5mw , 2mh x 1.5mw

X-style banner front & its back side
Easy to change message
Easy to use, pack and carry
We print on flex, satin banner and Satin materials.

Broad base and Unipole roll up banners
Broad base stand is Ideal for indoor & outdoor Display.
The stand is very strong.
Easy to use, pack and carry
Very eye catching
prefered size: 2mh x 0.85mw

Tear Drop banners - Snap frames & ‘A’ stand

Elegant and stylish
Either mounted on the wall or mounted on the ‘A’ stand.

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